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Partnering with Run, Kick, Shout! for 3D Modeling.

If your project's creative calls for more than 2D or motion graphics animation, Explore Media partners with Run, Kick, Shout! to provide the latest in 3D character design, planning, modeling, and animation!  Our commercial production and digital content producers are experts at supervising the pre-production, production, and post-production processes, and by adding the capabilities of a company like RKS we are able to use those some processes on this unique visual storytelling technique.  See examples from the RKS portfolio below, and read about their process.  NOTE - Explore Media did not produce or work on any of the projects listed below, all media, portfolio, processes, storyboards, etc. were provided by Run, Kick, Shout!



Character Design & Modeling


"NFL Experience" Visual Breakdown


The Pre-Visualization Process