CEFCU "Brand" & "Vehicle" Proposal

Thank you for allowing us to propose a treatment for this second round in the campaign started by the successful "Growing Together" creative for CEFCU. We're excited at the opportunity to continue helping you build the CEFCU brand through these commercials, and look forward to the potential of working with the great team at 88 Brand Partners again.  In the proposal below we've put together some visual examples which fit some aesthetics and have put together some Director's treatment thoughts. 



Simply put, we love the concepts!  They continue the rules you set in the original creative of using a singularly-focused concept to communicate the message.  Where this creative grows the single concept idea is by adding warmth in the coffee and vinyl concepts, the visual addition of more items to focus on in the horizontal-plane, and a humanity in the interaction of talent who are friends. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 1.57.54 PM.png

For this Brand spot, we start on a record player.  Not just any player; a record player that is a perfect mix between vintage and Urban Outfitter millenial.  The lighting environment will be warm, not overly nostalgic but clearly with some out of focus elements providing boca and dreaminess in camera, giving the color correction a head start on the definitive direction of this aesthetic. 

The first VO line is fairly long for a single shot, I'd recommend giving the edit plenty of points to pull from.  I'd direct the talent to start by pulling the record out, perhaps giving it a flip while holding it on the edges to get to Side B, and then putting it over the center hub.  Then the magic begins, that moment when the cartridge slowly nods down to put a needle in the groove of the vinyl and the crackles in audio start to be heard. 

"The first thing you'll notice about CEFCU is the warmth" The CEFCU music track begins, but in an obviously analog version.  In the light streaks on the vinyl's surface we'll be able to see out of focus reflections, where we can see  talent playing the record for the line "people like you."

We'll use an overhead shot of the record for a different vantage point.  Props will create a fictional record label so we have freedom in shot framing, and we'll use that to our advantage by shooting different focal lengths from above, and some extreme tight shots of the needle and the grooves of the vinyl, so that editing can cut to a new shot for each part of the "We do everything a bank does, only better." cut to a new angle, "With better rates, fewer fees," cut to a tighter shot, "smart tools for saving..." 

For the last scene, we budgeted to give us the ability to shoot this with a few options for your creative.  The first option would be to shoot a single person walking from the record player in focus back to a warm, listening environment with couches and lamps.  The camera cdan stay focused on the record, or by placing talent already in the back enjoying the music, we could do a rack focus from the vinyl to the talent, or a small jib move up that racks.

The second option includes more talent, where we have one OCP who finishes in some way (putting the record sleeve back on the shelf, putting the cover on, etc.) and walks from in focus by the vinyl, to out of focus joining a group of millenial friends who are all hanging out beautifully lit in the warm glow of the living area.  The shot can stay focused on the vinyl as she joins the group, or can rack focus to reveal the group of friends who greet & interact with her as she joins them for the line "So maybe you belong here."

To end this television ad, we cut to the end logo treatment, using motion of the logo and the CEFCU chime established in "Growing Together." 

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 1.58.04 PM.png

For the Vehicle Spot, the question on whether we shoot outside in a practical location or shoot inside using green screen can be answered later, as you'll see from the "Enjoy the Ride" behind the scenes video below, we would frame any shots that see the outdoors in a manner where editing could believably key out the green screen without too much trouble, and because we wouldn't be building a set the costs are really an indoor rental vs. an outdoor rental, which are close enough to be a wash. 

Vehicle really hinges on the choice of vehicle aesthetic and the performance of the OCP interacting with her friends.  As a millenial, we'd suggest using a millenial vehicle that also has enough room to shoot through an open hatch.  Subaru Crosstek, Honda CRV, Toyota RAV4, or Ford Escape are all options.  Millenials want great gas mileage, not too flashy, and economical.  Because we'll be greeking any logos or referanceable logos we can hopefully use whichever vehicle gives us the best look and the best accessability with a camera - the way the slope of the back of the car frame and how the hatch hinges will be keys for accessability, otherwise we can take the rear door off to shoot.

I see the talent here being at least two females and two males, staggered in their groupings, or perhaps three females and one male, with the key OCP being a female, mid-late 20's, with a great smile, expressive eyes and the look of a strong female who just bought a car using her own means.

Aesthetically my idea is to use sun or brightness to flare up the first and last shots, and to add a streak of brightness to the interior shots.  Warm without too many shadows, we're mimicking a morning where the friends are getting coffees and ready to embark for an adventure.  I like creating a backstory of friends going on a road trip for a concert or a trip to the city.  


Creative Collaboration 

Most successful projects are the product of many creative minds who excel in niche areas working together towards a common goal. While we are putting forward ways we can treat your creative idea, we also believe in the flexibility and trust inherent in collaboration, realizing at the end of the day, what works best for CEFCU is what works best for this project.  Here are some examples of how we've produced some credit union projects from the creative outlined in storyboards!



Simply put, location matters for so many reasons, and we partner with location scouts who can help us find the perfect spot where have options to fit any of the aesthetic options you choose.  To counter the potential of a diner being too large a part of the budget, we have opened the possibility of shooting during a Monday when a diner could be closed.  For the Brand spot, we can either find one house which will fit either creative...one single plain surface in a central location like an open-floor plan kitchen or multiple areas of the house, or based on your final creative need, for the same budget we can find a community-type public area where the jar could be located.


While the actual face-time of talent in these spots is intentionally less, the actions of our talent are no less important.  We'll work with a casting agent to choose the on-camera actors: two main characters, a waitress, as well as three sets of hands who we will need to direct for the Brand spot.  We'll also use a talent agency who specializes specifically in extras to fill out foreground and background talent.  

Art & Prop Design 

This campaign is built upon the focus of the viewer on singular items:  a glass of iced tea and a jar filled with coins.  Our Art Department partners are experts in options...we'll send over every option possible for the shape of jar and thickness of glass, size of tea glasses, color of iced tea, even the size & shape of ice cubes.  In addition to these main prop characters, adding contextual props and set design will be just as important, and one area we feel will be just as critical in selling the believability and making the campaign more effective. Everything from the finish of table surface to the type of sugar container (soda fountain-style) to the type of items surrounding the money jar will be chosen and planned.



When creative for a television commercial features mainly hands and torsos, accentuating and distinguishing between characters like a waitress and a customer, a husband and a wife, and a teenage boy from a young girl, will rely heavily on the wardrobe department.  Our professional commercial wardrobe artist will send over style boards to choose tone, color and textures with plenty of time to lock in your choices, so making the purchases and having enough options when we get to set will make us more effective. To maximize our OCP hands for the Brand spot, we will have wardrobe bring additional clothing options so each pair of hands can play as 2 or 3 more pairs of hands on camera if needed.

Music & Sound Design

When a television campaign has the potential to grow into more spots using similar creative threads, the decision to go with a music composer, sound designer, and audio mixer who can customize the sound to bring fullness, richness, and timing is essential. Our audio partners at Noise Floor have not only composed most of the music in the credit union spots above, they also have sound designed most of our commercials, and have mixed music, sound effects, and voiceover for all of them.  These spots will need diner ambience, iced tea spoon stirring, ice settling, footsteps padding and many other sounds for the Checking spot. For the Brand commercial, depending on final location we can add coins clinking, football on a TV, distant lawns being mowed, muted birds outside chirping, and even the ambience of refrigerator hums to give the spots what audio specialists argue is "2/3rds of the picture."



The editor for these spots will be one of our best staff cutters: Garret Brubaker.  He brings award-winning editing and visual fx experience to this project, besides being the editor on the "Growing Together" :30 and :15 spots, he also recently won an award for the green screen compositing he did for United Federal Credit Union in their Auto Loan spot, "Enjoy the Ride."  Keep an eye especially on the shots through the windshield of our talent driving where the leaves on the trees pass by.  Whether we shoot inside our out we can add those details to make this spot look even better after post-production.


Color Correction

As you can see in the following examples, our post-production capabilities include expert color correction enhancement from our partners at Nolo Digital Film.  For this "Growing Together" campaign, establishing a color strategy will be important; using a more evenly-lit and level saturation technique will help these spots fit in seamlessly with the contemporary look of national ads.  We capture all of our images in a Raw 4K format, giving the colorist maximum latitude to achieve beautiful final images.