Jeremy Pinckert is an award-winning Director based in the Greater-Chicago advertising commercial market.  Focused on capturing beauty in everyday lifestyle situations for television commercials & brand films, he likes to engage audiences through long and short-form mediums by capturing eye-catching lifestyle visuals with acting talent and scenics; pacing out a narrative flow with dialogue, or making real-people feel comfortable enough to just be themselves on screen.

Jeremy graduated from Ball State University’s acclaimed Telecommunications Program and then gained experience directing Discovery, History Channel, and ESPN Original Entertainment Films, where he won his first EMMY Award. With the strategic plan to offer the same quality of storytelling for agencies and corporations versus broadcast networks, he founded Explore Media, LLC in the greater Chicago market in 2003. With over 50 Video Production Industry Awards to his credit, including Tellys, ADDYs, and an Emmy, Jeremy continues to work with the best collaborators in the industry to achieve the creative goals of his clients.

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