Production Capabilities

Our goal as a commercial & digital content production company is to help make you and your brand's job easier.  Have we ever hired a chicken wrangler for a grocer commercial? Want us to handle production and post for a green screen automotive lifestyle commercial? Need top-notch color correction but don't know where to start?  Explore Media has been producing handcrafted commercials and digital content for years, and if we haven't already tackled a scenario, you can bet we have the right connections and capabilities for any facet of your creative production.


Set Direction

A million different things go into the final image you see in a finished piece. Most important are the actual physical things you see on screen, that's called set direction, and we're pretty good at making sure everything in the frame tells the right story.

Color Correction

Want to know what separates good looking video from great looking video? That would be color correction. We spend time on each and every shot making sure the colors, lights, and tones all work perfectly together.

Location Scouting

Another aspect of pre-production is finding the right place to shoot. What if you need five different shooting locations in a two day shoot? That's where we our knowledgable location scouts can help.


Pre-production is an invaluable part of the filming process. Storyboarding helps streamline the production process to help save time and money. These videos show just how closely we match our final shots to the initial storyboards.


After the filming is complete, we can accomplish all sorts of back-end finishing work. The most common need is green screen replacement and composition. Our editor has the skills to get the perfect shot that would have been impossible to film live.

Logo Removal

Sometimes there are just certain things that you need to "fix in post." One of those things are pesky corporate logos that you don't have permission to use. We use our skills to virtually erase any trace of unwanted logos, brands, or trademarks.


Everyone has a a logo, but we can give yours a unique animated treatment. We also work with more complex assets like brand packaging to really give your commercial a polished and professional look.