10 years ago...

No, this isn't another trudging remake of the Johnny Cash classic "Long Black Veil," but if you are feigning for more Steve Jobs and Apple coverage, it is fitting that on October 23, 2001, ten years ago, Apple unveiled what we know now to be a transformative device:  the iPod.  Sales weren't promising.  In fact, if you were like me, you had perfected downloading 5 versions of the same song on Napster, hoping to get just one free playable copy, and the idea of shelling out $400 for a device that only worked on Macs was a bit steep.  Then Apple comes along and completely saves (reinvigorates too) the music industry.  I can't find the Entertainment Weekly story that prompted this blog online, so here's the PC World version of the story.  Some interesting highlights:  the first iPod model was made out of Styrofoam...the first iPod only sold a few hundred thousand units and only worked on Macs...April 2003 was the real turning point when the iTunes music store was announced.  Instantly people felt honest about paying for music, and you didn't have to download the entire album! Before starting Explore Media, I (Jeremy Pinckert writing here) was working in the Indianapolis video production market. I distinctly remember going jogging on the Monon Trail, an exercise thoroughfare near my Broad Ripple neighborhood, using an mp3 player that held 5...count 'em, 5 songs!  It was, I'm not embarrassed in context to say, a Napster-downloaded bootleg of a Dave Matthews' album called The Lillywhite Sessions.  Spring of 2002 was the first time I ever saw an iPod, I remember piling in a car to caravan down to Bloomington, Indiana to collectively watch Indiana University play in the NCAA basketball national championship game, and there it was:  my friend driving was a bit of a computer geek and was almost embarrassed when we saw this white handheld device that even back then he had wired into his car stereo.  I was floored, and the rest is history.

Since starting Explore Media in August of 2003 near South Bend and Chicago, I've bought, and loved, many iPods...I can even credit the iPod with helping ease the transfer from PC to Apple computers for our company, and now like most creative video production companies we have Mac laptops, Mac Pro editing suites, iPads, iPhones, and we even use the Apple Time Machine for our network and physical backup!

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