The cat is out of the bag...the Northwest Indiana Times have written an article about Explore Media's first shoot for a proposed Billy Sunday documentary, tentatively titled, "Steal from the Devil."  We've been working with the Billy Sunday Home and Museum to develop PBS airing partnerships, and also to find funding for this documentary.  The exciting component for Explore Media is Billy Sunday's roots in sports as an 1880's era Chicago baseball player, his international fame as a renegade revivalist, and his connection to nearby Winona Lake, Indiana. 

As with any potential TV project, the most difficult part is in getting the documentary if any of you readers would like to help us fund this great story, or happen to know any TV execs who'd like to pay for this program to air, let us know!

To read more about Billy Sunday, you can visit the musuem's website here.  To see more of Explore Media, an Indiana video production & design shop, click here.