Canon 7D Night Footage Test

In the second installment of our editor and 7D enthusiast Michael Dicken's test footage series, here's a link to footage shot last Friday night at a downtown event and a bowling alley.  This test is without any added lights and using a Canon EF-S 28-135mm IS lens.  You'll see that the footage, while a little jerky because no added components (brace, harnass, tripod, etc.) were used, is incredible in it's clarity and color.

The DSLR revolution is here, and while Explore Media has been shooting using the 1080p HD format for years, and in fact we've shot up to 4K resolution using the RED ONE camera acquisition system, the opportunity to provide this clear of a 1080 signal, and with the depth of field usually reserved for prime lens film-style cameras, is what's truly unbelievable about these cameras.  Check out our promotional video and television commercial examples online today, then give us a call to discuss how we can make your next indiana video production truly a memorable visual storytelling experience.