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We recently decided to use our summer help (that would be Mike the Intern) to do a little something all organizations should do:  we found out what our clients think of us!  Using a first-person creative approach, we then filmed our clients and used whatever they wanted to say, good or bad.  This is the first video installment we're going to share in this blog, and of course we're also sharing through social media sites, our website, and via a newsletter service targeted at customers in the particular fields in which are clients exist.  Here's the link!

At Explore Media, we're always trying to find innovative ways to share our video editing, post production, and vidoe production examples with our client base, and to do this on a regular basis.  And now, thanks to some advice from 37 signals (the makers of Basecamp and people who know a little something about social media), we're going to make this blog more about sharing our knowledge, our mistakes, and our successes with the online community.  As an editing, producing, directing, and marketing team, we're exploring this brave new video world just like you...and the collaborative learning and sharing that can take place through these experiences is very valuable.  Welcome to Explore Media, the "Indiana Video Production" blog, version 2.0!