Creative Device for Video

ARE YOU PLANNING a video or TV ad campaign? Don't forget to pack the creative device or visual hook for your video! A creative device is the sing-along chorus refrain of "Hey Jude", the thick paint strokes and striking blue colors of Van Gogh, the long-camera takes and wide-angle compositions in a Wes Anderson movie.  They are, simply, what's memorable about your project. Watch the video below to see a great example of a creative device.

Designed to engage the viewer visually, think of a creative device as going deeper into the connective tissue of your Web Video or TV Ad by syncing the audio message and video visuals on an emotional level. Often called a “visual hook”, this is the theme. This is what the author, songwriter, director, or artist wants you to interpret from their visual masterpiece.

According to Justin Sherwin in his post In pursuit of the Visual Hook... "The visual hook arouses curiosity and reels in the public, so they take a closer look at your product, service or message. It’s what gets people talking about you. A combination of impact, creativity and good business sense, the visual hook is much like that special something a songwriter looks for. It may be a lyric, a melody or a refrain. It’s the thing that makes people want to sing the song, makes it memorable."

Here's a few links to our Explore Media creative devices in a few web videos & TV ads for brand storytelling campaigns:

• Motion graphic words in the Emmy- nominated “Peace by Peace: Hey You” TV campaign. • Chalkboard Motif in “My Credit Union” for Interra Credit Union. • White Background and Center-composition in the video below “Survivors”

So how do you come up with a visual hook or creative device?  This may seem about as easy as simply willing yourself to write a great song or paint a masterpiece...but as filmmakers or brand marketers we all have the capacity within.  And if you need help?  Checkout our post on "Right-brained video" for exercises designed to unlock your right-brained creativity!

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