Creative Devices

Truly effective videos or TV spots, the ones you remember because they're hilarious, poignant, emotional, eye-catching visually, or any combination of other senses, usually involve a planned "Creative Device."  This is where the “Video. Designed.” in an Explore Media production comes in.  Often called a “Hook”, we want to find something...either visual, narrative, or both, which will makes your project unique and thematic.

This video below is a beautiful play off of light-hearted "shadow puppets" as their creative device, but as you'll see the light-heartedness is in stark contrast to the powerful last shot.httpvh://

Explore media produces content for a variety of organizations, but this video reminds me of something our university video production clients would sponsor.  You see, we are fortunate to write, direct, produce and edit video content for world-class higher-education institutions who also are driven by a socially conscious, ethical spirit.  Notre Dame, Goshen College, Saint mary's, LaGrange College, and more have heard, and then trusted Explore Media to deliver stellar Creative Devices for their promotional video storytelling needs. 

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