DATA SHARE THURSDAYS: "Red Tails" Ramp Up Pre-vis!

The pre-visualization artists on the upcoming film "Red Tails" (by George Lucas) have been pumping out the graphics like mad.  The team of artists have been using the latest version of LightWave 3D to produce quick and graphically satisfying pre-vis dog fight shots for the new film.  The visual effects producers on Red Tails also used LightWave 3D for the film Armageddon. Not only is the software a quick way to achieve visually pleasing images, it's also very fast to operate and render.  Although LightWave wont be used for the final motion graphics, it's really the quickest way for the visual effects department to sale their initial shot ideas to the director. Read more. We at Explore Media use motion graphics as a part of our award winning video production.  Check out our Fort Wayne Video Production to see how awards are won!