Does Viral Video Work?

If you're a marketing director or communications professional tasked with marketing a video for your business, you basically have two options.  You can call a video company who professionally creates film and video productions, web videos, promotional videos, (collectively called "corporate videos")... or you can listen to the Siren's tale of millions of impressions for minimal investment by trying to utilize Viral Video. Sure, we'd all love to stumble upon an opportunity to film kittens or novacained kids hawking our brand stories through web video.  But you can't create luck, you need online video strategy.  And the challenge with Viral Video becomes if you DO want to enter upon the quest, you'll still have to pay the cash.

Here's our alltime favorite Viral Video success story for business video purposes...the Dollar Shave Club is a startup who struck gold by starting their company AFTER they produced their hilarious website branding video.  If you're serious about viral video, start with this website where you can track the most viral of videos.

Full disclosure: Explore Media is a corporate video company who, in between producing videos for business, have dabbled in creating viral video for our business: ladies and gentlemen, we give you Rafts for Giraffes.