Editing Software Showdown Part II

We'll soon be posting some in-depth tests on specific editing functions and how they compare across the FCP 7, Avid MC and FCP X platforms.  In fact, two of our editors are at an Avid showcase in Chicago Tuesday evening...but first a few words about how surprised we have been by Final Cut Pro X.  Apple is definitely trying to reshape the video editing market with FCP X; determining what they feel are obsolete functions moving forward. There are workarounds for many of the rumored disconnects that the software has; some of which are just unproven assumptions. If you want the truth about what FCP X can and cannot do check out this link. FCP X is a very fresh approach to editing; it has all of the tools you would expect from a professional editing platform. The "keyword" organization is a little different from traditional bin structures, but once you understand the concept it's really a genius way of organizing footage. You would be amazed at how much time is saved when you don't have to double-click footage into the viewer. The magnetic timeline combined with keystrokes makes editing fast and efficient.Despite all of the critical noise concerning Final Cut Pro X it's important to remember that this is a new editing platform and it's going to take some time to perfect. Next week I'll let you know how Avid Media Composer 6 stacks up to FCP X! Explore Media uses the latest technology to tell your story. Check out some of our Fort Wayne Video Productions to see stories in action!