Did you checkout the Super Bowl game, and most importantly, watch the Super Bowl Commercials this year?  If so, you caught four tv ads produced by full-service video production company Explore Media for the exciting 2015 NFL championship between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots. The narrative device for these latest Beacon Medical Group commercials was simple: we directed the actual physicians who already practice in traditional family doctor offices. This health care TV advertisement features over 20 providers who surprised us by being pretty darn good actors!  Aired in February 2015 as one of the Super Bowl Commercials.

How can you not want to get a mortgage with INOVA Credit Union when improv comedian Joe Anderson shows you his domesticated side?  This beautiful :30 advertisement was shot on Canon C300 on location in Northern Indiana on a perfectly even summer day.

Using improv actors Quinn Wilson from Chicago and Paul Schissler from New York City, this story was an original idea brought to us by the organizers of the Sunburst Race. Director Jeremy Pinckert storyboarded out the spot, and our team found the space and put together this little indie HD Commercial for a nickle and a dime. Special thanks to improv actors Quinn Wilson, Paul Schissler, Don Watts as Ray the Mascot, and Tony Marquete as Background Coffee Guy. Thanks to Brian from Onward Coworking, and Edgar & Dan from Beacon Marketing for procuring the hilarious little touches to the set design! Also special thanks to crew Jamieson, Julia & Steve for working for peanuts to make this little Super Bowl Commercial work so well!

Answer this question: what’s the most rewarding problem you ever solved at work? These OSMC Doctors had no trouble telling the stories behind their favorite cases in this Orthopaedic TV Advertisement.

Explore Media is a full-service HD video production company focused on creating handcrafted brand films and commercials. Think eye-catching, attention-grabbing, visual storytelling for your brand. We’re a team of Directors, Content Creators, Producers, Visual Curators, Post Production Editors, Videographers and Inspired Storytellers with the award-winning experience to make your brand film (let’s use this phrase instead of corporate video) a unique, successful creation. We believe ultimately in this core idea: video content is a brand’s most powerful marketing tool. And if you communicate your advertising message clearly, creatively, and in an aesthetically pleasing manner, your target market will respond in a positive way.

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