Stop the presses, we've been discovered! Although we can't give you a link because they're not online, the South Bend Tribune Business Weekly ran an article about Explore Media in this week's edition.  We promise!  The article dropped on Monday, so unless you're a subscriber to the physical paper (who does that anymore?), you missed it.  BUT, you're in luck, because we've had an intern re-type the entire article below! 


Tribune Correspondent

A renewed emphasis on video design and production by companies and advertisers once focused on Websites plays into the strengths of Jeremy Pinckert’s Explore Media LLC.“It’s been great,” says Pinckert. “It’s expanded a lot with the companies we’re doing business with and also with some advertising agencies.”  The company has evolved since Pinckert started in his basement in August 2003. The focus is on video design – writing and direction – not just production.  “I mainly focused when I started out on doing freelance producing,” he recalls. “For the first eight months to a year, I mostly did freelance work for other companies. It was really in ’04 when I decided to make this into a full-service video production company.  “We made a move in September of 2005 to downtown Elkhart. That’s really been a good move. We reel really connected here. “It’s brought a lot of extra business our way.”

Customers include Nibco, Goshen Health System, Culver Academies, Michiana Credit Union, Starcraft Marine, Dec-O-Art, Todd Allen Design, TaigMarks Advertising Agency, DreamsWork, Mennonite Mutual Aid, Miller’s Health Systems and WNIT Public Television.  Pinckert is the only full-time employee in the 1,300-square-foot office.  “We use anywhere from five to seven freelancers that are kind of regular for me,” he says. “The No. 1 type of client for us is a large corporation or a nonprofit. They want to tell their story.”  He focuses on local companies with national reach and has done work as far away as Rome, Ga., for a prep school.  “We try to get out in the Chicago market, the Indianapolis market,” Pinckert says. “We’re trying to take it national as well.”  Trends such as the growth of Web video and YouTube point to an increased emphasis on the kinds of services he provides.   “I don’t see companies jumping on the bandwagon full force yet,” Pinckert says. “Everybody else as consumers is getting online and checking out video. Video’s here to stay, and it’s on-demand video. People expect it now when you go to a Website.  “I think that’s the next thing. Companies usually follow the trends of people,” and people are looking everywhere for video, including cellphones and iPods. “It’s not just a DVD any more. You feel like the market is finally coming back around to video.  When we produce things, we don’t produce it on a Web video quality level. It’s so easy to scale it down for the Web.”

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