Explore Media goes HD!

Adding to a previous post, we are now official with our new external storage tower.  Almost 2 TB of storage feels so good!!

High Definition content, or HD, is the aquisition format of the future, and Explore Media is proud to announce a recent move to acquire the editing storage necessary to deliver HD projects for our clients.  We have recently partnered with Duncan Video and ProAvio to outfit our Avid editing system with an expandable external storage tower, giving us drive speeds in excess of 400mb per second.  For the layman out there, HD footage is a crisp, clear, uncompressed image, which also makes it much larger of a digital file, so it needs much more throughput (speed) in the connection from the drives to the editing system.  The great thing about shooting and editing in HD is you can always downconvert to your format of choice (DVD, miniDV, television commercial digital tape), but you will always have your project in HD for future-proofing purposes.  Visit www.explore-media.com or call 574-875-5565 to discuss how we can integrate HD into your next project.

HD, as with any new format, has been slow to be adopted by the market.  To clear up some confusion, HD shot and edited footage can be shown on HD monitors to achieve a true HD image, but the HD DVD formats are still waging a war which will be decided by market forces. (Blue-ray technology vs. HD-DVD, see VHS vs. Beta for a similar comparison).  We'll let the powers that be decide the format; in the meantime, we're your Elkhart, South Bend, Goshen, Warsaw, and greater Indiana video production source providing great content no matter how you need to deliver the final product!

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