Explore Media Unveils New Website!

The time has come to officially unveil the new Explore Media portfolio and website!  Our goal in combining all of our brand storytelling information, professional corporate video productions, web videos and HD television ads together with our blog, our video editing system reviews, our professional producing info, and our Facebook/Twitter profiles was to become much more integrated in our own promotional brand storytelling approach.  Take a test drive and, most importantly, watch and "like" your favorite videos! The movement of websites to be more visual-icon based, similar to the Pinterest phenomenon, drove the initial thoughts for this design.  For functionality and maximum social media promotion, our new website is using a Vimeo-hosted video platform, so now you can click on a video and watch it very easily, in HD, on your computer or mobile device.  To integrate the site easily with our Facebook page and our Twitter handle @exploremediaco, when visitors to the Explore Media website watch a video, they can click "like" or  "tweet" directly below the video-viewing area, and you don't ever have to leave the page when checking out our university promotional videos, health care tv ads, product videos, professional branding videos, retail television commercials, or credit union visual advertisements.

To get ahold of our South Bend Video production company we decided to add to the "info@explore-media.com" contact option and also give out the emails of our Executive Producer, our Head Video Editor and our professional producers; let's face it, we're not Universal Studios.  We're an Indiana video production company.  When you need to contact a real, live person, as a brand storytelling client you need to have that option.

Please let us know what you think of our new Explore Media website.  Test drive it, let us know if there are any bugs or changes you'd suggest.  Thanks to the ability we have to change most things on our own, this is not the end of a project, where to make changes would mean we have to re-open something already old, this is the beginning!  Want a real treat? Check out our very first blog-post from 6 years ago...ironically about our last new website unveiling!  "Welcome to the new explore media website!"