Even if you're a Netflix fan (which our exec. producer Jeremy recommends highly), you might as well take advantage of this promotion.  Blockbuster is offering a free rental for each Netflix address flap brought in. Explore Media is an Elkhart, Indiana video production company creating what we call, "video design."  This means we take your story and your suggestions, we look at your target audience and your desired effect, and we design a video which fits your needs exactly.  And the viewer? They're blown away, and when they're finished watching...they explore.  Explore Media can produce the cutting-edge video content you need to stay competitive in today's busy marketplace.  We are near South Bend, northwest Indiana and the greater Chicago area, and the Southwestern Michigan border.  Click here to see examples of video production we've produced for broadcast networks, business marketing and promotion, schools, universities, health networks, and non-profits.  You can also click here to see our latest work on our YouTube profile .

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