Whether to Freelance or to Own a Company?

Freelancer CarIn working as a director and also as an owner of a video production company for 10 years, there are many different categories of relationships I have experienced. There is the all-crucial client relationship. Then there's the relationship between collaborating colleagues. There is a certain dynamic between myself and staff employees. And finally, there is the relationship I develop with vendors and freelance video production crew. This last relationship with freelancers is one I want to look at from the perspective of my experiences from both sides of the coin. To read this entire article, visit my guest blogpost Here on Production Hub  

Jeremy Pinckert is an award-winning freelance Director and the owner of Explore Media.  You can follow him on Twitter @exploremediaco, see him on LinkedIN, check out his video portfolio reel, or download his free manual: How to Produce for Video!