Have No Fear, Rebates Are Here!

Jobloss is a real concern for a large percentage of Americans these days. With that uncertainty comes a reluctance to future spending, such as a car payment or even a plane ticket that you buy months in advance. Companies are beginning to develop new ways to encourage these unsure spenders; promising rebates, special deals or even complete refunds to customers if they lose their jobs.

Finding creative ways to market yourself in good times and bad can keep your business thriving. Explore Media can be your creative partner, helping to get the word out about your company. We serve national video production clients, as well as the regional South Bend video production market of Northern Indiana, including the Goshen, Elkhart, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Fort Wayne, St. Joe, and Warsaw video production markets. See our web video examples categorized by industry here.  You can also see our projects in HD on YouTube, and if you really love us, join our Facebook fan page!  To see more video examples and hear about the latest Explore Media news & gossip, sign up for our newsletter here, we promise we won't send it more than once a month!

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