The Goshen Ice Sculpting contest was a fun time over the weekend! Explore Media sponsored two blocks of ice: on Friday night they sculpted a TV with our logo, and on Saturday an artist used a block to sculpt a work of art for the competition. I was a bit disappointed by Explore Media's ice location on Friday night, but really had a good laugh when I saw this WSBT-TV report. I'm the guy in the orange coat who has the last soundbite, the only one who is not titled by name...the reason? If you listen, they infer that I'm one of the ice sculptors! Local news...! Oh well, we had fun. Here are some pics of our ice sculpture:EM Ice 2.jpg

EM Ice 3.jpg EM Ice 1.jpg

Explore Media is an Indiana video production & design company located near icy Goshen, in a studio loft right above a coffee shop in downtown Elkhart.

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