IKEA Ups Web Video Storytelling Quality

Here's another argument for making sure you represent your organization with creative, compelling storytelling with the video content you are seeking.  IKEA has 5.1 million viewers for their "Easy to Assemble" series of online videos, and they had the inspiring thought, "Wait a minute, if so many people are seeing this and it's shoddy storytelling and production, then they might think our product is shoddy workmanship!"


From the creative bowels of our 19th-century video editing & storytelling loft, Explore Media has been screaming the same thing for the past 7 seven years. As successful marketing managers, directors, and agency creatives you probably have heard the same thing drummed in your head your entire life: If you spend the time to do something, make sure it's done right!  This mantra is something we truly believe, and this idea is how we approach every video production, video editing, videography shoot, motion graphics project, and producing job.  To see our award-winning video production examples, and to get started on your next marketing video or television commercial, click here!

Explore Media is an Indiana video production & design company, and our geographic location extends to South Bend video production, Fort Wayne, and the greater Chicago video production markets.  As previous producers in the Indianapolis video production market, we've got plenty of friends there as well!

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