I'm a Mac!

I was in the middle of my daily attempt at better health and stress-relief at the local YMCA this morning when it suddenly hit me:  At Explore Media, we're Macs!  Now this may sound strange at first, and yes I am aware it was Microsoft who developed the ill-fated "I'm a PC" campaign, but roll with me here.


The entire concept of Apple's "Mac vs. PC" campaign runs something like this:  Macs and PCs are both computers, built using roughly the same types of chips, processors, electrical components, plastics, and metals.  They both have displays, keyboards, and mice.  But, if you believe the smart (albeit sometimes snobby) advertising, you're led to believe there's just a different quality which makes Mac better.  Built not just to complete a particular mission, but built to help you complete this task in a smarter, better designed, more fulfilling manner.  Put simply, if you're going to be a nerd, why not be a hip nerd?

Now the correlation:  we're hip video design nerds!  Not in our physical appearances, but in the way we create video productions.  All production companies use roughly the same concept to make your video or TV spot: a camera or two acquires an image, which is then put into a computer where an editor cuts shots, often woven together with music, narration, graphics, and if you're lucky, they don't use dissolves between every cut.  But there's a different quality in the video designs which work.  The video which hits a chord that resonates with your soul; the TV spot that makes you truly laugh, or want to watch again.  Smarter, better designed, a more fulfilling experience for your target market.  This is our mission, our goal, and the best part, this quality difference is something we always provide...regardless of your budget.  At Explore Media, we're Macs!

Wishing you the very best during this holiday season,

Your friends at Explore Media

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