Explore Media awarded "Keystitution" campaign for keystone light

Keystone Light, a national beer brand with a very specific target demographic, needed to launch a new campaign over the summer based on the idea of "Ratifying the Keystitution", a play on words for the Constitution.  In the heat of summer all anyone can think about is grilling, hot dogs, and ice cold beer, right?  Chicago integrated agency Olson Engage had this idea in mind when they enlisted the help of Explore Media to produce their hilarious creative for two branded digital spots.

To make the campaign successful, they asked their fans to "exercise their right to declare and share" all summer long on Facebook.  

He who sparks the first bonfire flame should crack the first stone.
— Travis

We hear you Travis!

With 103,000 views on Facebook in a short few weeks, client and agency both called this one a success.  Make sure to watch the branded digital content for Keystone Light right here:  

The Keystitution According to Travis

Here's the next video in the campaign,

The Keystitution according to Jerry

This was Explore Media and Olson Engage’s second collaboration for Keystone Light in 2016, after the highly successful "All You Need is Stones'" digital buy garnered over 440,000 views on Facebook.  Check out some behind the scenes production stills from the shoot below!

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