Know Your Customer Profile

If you're a marketing professional, you need to target the messages you create to each of your unique customer profiles.  Don't assume people are different than you in their attention capacity; they're not, we're all human.  No one pays attention to watered down messages, but if you learn to better know your customers, you can direct messages that will be attractive to each different customer profile.  And if you know how a creative device can help make attractive TV ads or web videos, you're ahead of the game! Following is a snippet of how to target your customer profiles from marketing expert David Brim, for the complete worksheet or to outsource this process, contact Brand Advance.

Each respective customer profile has:

  • Different ways they get their information
  • Different influencers that they respect and follow
  • Different people influencing their decisions (peers, friends, bosses, family, etc)
  • Different social networks, forums, blogs or groups they frequent
  • Different needs, wants, problems and interests
  • Different levels of price sensitivity

Customer Discovery Process

1. Identifying your Customer Profiles

List your buyer personas (various customer segments) The goal of this step is to segment your customers into groups based on similar characteristics, which will enable you the development of specific content, keyword phrases, and messages that will drive the most results.

These customer groups could be based on any combination of:  demographics, psychographics, Specific industries, specific job roles or titles, Job roles within specific industries, economical status/purchasing power, geographical / location, experiences, interests, or past interactions with your company.

Customer Buyer Personas Get information from current clients, prospective clients, hire a market researcher.

2. Rank each of your customer personas in order of importance

Where are your areas of experience?  Who are your most profitable customers?  How does each customer segment fit into your overall strategy?

3. Understand Each Customer Buyer Persona

Start creating the buyer persona profiles for your top customer groups

After prioritizing your core customers begin developing buyer personas for each one.   Talk or survey your customers or at the most basic level try to think like them.

Customer Profile Worksheet (fill out for each different customer persona you sell to)

Customer Persona One:  (Add Name)

Quantify the market:  (Enter how many of these customers there are)

*How many members of this customer persona are there?  This requires research.

Questions to Answer….

  • 1.     What are they trying to accomplish?
  • 2.     What problems are they facing?
  • 3.     What Influences them? 
  • 4.     What are their job responsibilities?
  • 5.     What websites do they frequently visit?
There are 5 more questions in this list..for the complete Customer Persona worksheet or to outsource this process, contact David Brim and Brand Advance.  We went through a process with Brand Advance as part of a larger business consulting process, and the knowledge we received, as well as the steps to improvement in our marketing strategies (business to business, marketing professionals and agencies) was well worth the investment.
If part of the market strategy for your company, brand, or organization includes a television commercial campaign or web video production, contact Explore Media!  We're brand storytellers disguised as a digital video production company, checkout our portfolio (targeted by our different customer profiles of course).