If you're anywhere near Northern Indiana tonight, you might want to check out the "Livin' It Up Downtown" party in Elkhart.  Block party, food, drinks, live bands, and a tour of some amazing downtown lofts.

Explore Media moved to downtown Elkhart just over 1 year ago for many reasons.  As video design and production creatives, we like being among our own, and our loft in the historic Green Block is near an art gallery, a coffee shop, a sushi bar, and 2 advertising agencies.  Also, though we like to think our work speaks for itself, our business culture is built on "who you know", and the exposure and word of mouth since coming downtown has been unbelievable.  Finally, while we love our wood floors, skylight ceilings, and fun artwork, sometimes you need to get out for inspiration, and Elkhart's Riverwalk is a beautiful way to experience nature while we ponder creative ideas for your projects.