Marketing a Web Video

The Best Album Drop Marketing Video EverDo you have a product or brand you need to promote?  Traditional marketing would call for a flurry of print ads, web banners, and an integrated TV commercial campaign.  But what if a promotional web video could get you eyeballs and credibility, adding value to the budget and simplifying your approach? Step 1) Produce a Video.  Step 2) Market a Video

Checkout "To Be The Best", the tongue in cheek video marketing story of Jack Black's band Tenacious D and their comeback album.  Does it help to have Jack Black, Dave Grohl, Val Kilmer, and other celebs in your film and video production?  Of course, but if you have a creative video production like our Dollar Shave Club friends, all you need is great brand storytelling!

Explore Media has blogged about website videos for the entire eight years we've been in business as an Indiana video production company.  As music lovers, we're eager producers/directors of entertainment video projects.  Checkout "The Confession", produced for Blue Gate, and also a Johnny Cash video project, and a nod to the Arcade Fire winning a grammy.

Need help producing or marketing a video about your brand, product, or business?  Contact Explore Media, based in South Bend (just outside Chicago) we're expert storytellers.  Learn more about us!