May Videos

We just sent out our e-newsletter with quick links to our latest work, here's a link, and the monthly article we call the "Director's Cut" is below: "Does common sense have a place in the business world?

If you think like us here at EM, you bet it does!  But sometimes in business we're urged to add complexity, add layers, and slowly become more "corporate"...but does becoming more like a Fortune 100 company make sense, and add value, for your company?

I recently reread a great little business book by 37Signals CEO and Inc. magazine columist Jason Fried which has a 21st century recipe for answering these questions and more.  If you need a manifesto to validate your common-sense minimalism, check out the book, "Rework!" ... an easy, quick collection of 2-3 page insights into how "work really works in the modern world." Explore Media is an Indiana video production company intent on creating projects which communicate your message in a simple, effective, creative manner.  We especially would love to produce more museum video for the Chicago market if any foundations, non-profits, curators or exhibitors are reading this blog!