"New Knees TV" Explore Media July 2012 Newsletter

To see the entire contents of our July 2012 Newsletter, with links to "New Knees TV" spot, a "What Brand Are You" Quiz, and more, click on the links or the pic to left.  Here's an excerpt from our "Director's Cut": I've recently finished a book called "The Idea Writers", by Teressa Iezzi, which is a frank assessment of the writer's role in the traditional ad business, but at the same time a wonderful road map for her take on the future of digital advertising.  Here are my favs:

"The goal is not to make an ad.  It's to make something worthwhile."

"There is no right answer.  Anyone who disagrees is selling something."

"Nobody watches ads.  People watch what interests them...and sometimes it's an ad."

"Write down on a piece of paper, 1: what to say? and 2: how to say it? -- That's it.  That's advertising right there."

Enjoy this newsletter full of brand storytelling examples, quizzes, and corporate story ideas, and when you're ready, we'd love an opportunity to help tell your corporate story through our web video production company!