Power of Storytelling

Is your brand, product, or service using storytelling to make a stronger connection with customers? Here's a handy presentation called "The Power of Storytelling" from Raf Stevens.  Watch it, share it at staff meetings, get your team on board.  And checkout the presentation software he uses, called Prezi.  Contrast Prezi with Powerpoint, and you'll see a great example of the difference a great visual media presentation can make in connecting people with your brand through storytelling. Here's our Prezi on the Video Production Process.

If you've got comedic storytelling aspirations, checkout this earlier blog post about when humour works in video!

Need a promotional or marketing video for your brand?  A professionally-produced web video production or television commercial campaign can better-position your brand’s image, your consumer product, or your organization’s promotional messaging. At Explore Media, we strategize, produce, direct, edit, and deliver professional visual media productions to help you better tell your story.  We're a South Bend Media Production Company located convenient to Chicago and Indianapolis.