Premiere Pro: The Good, Bad and Ugly Side of Adobe CS6


Adobe Premiere CS6 has a lot of perks but lets address some negatives and issues that may not drive you crazy, but should definitely be addressed. Out of the box the software runs like a dream, but in order for this dream to not become a nightmare there must be a system with enough horsepower to handle it, or you may run into a lot of lag.

Perhaps one of my favorite functions of CS6 is the Dynamic Link ability with After Effects; this allows me to animate in AE and have the animation live update in my premiere timeline. The down side of the dynamic link is a mega slowdown when rendering a sequence (of course this is unavoidable because…well…its animation).

Premiere CS6 is known to not have the quickest rendering capabilities compared to the latest editing programs; however, CS6 renders about ten times faster than FCP7, so don’t let that hinder your switch. After all is said and done the biggest recurring hitch that I’ve run into while using Premiere Pro CS6 is the occasional sound glitch that causes a sequence to sound like Neo right after he took the red pill (this can be fixed by playing the audio from another sequence).

The amazing thing about the new Premiere Pro is that none of these issues really get in the way or are frequent enough to pose any delays in post. We here at Explore Media have been really enjoying this latest version of Premiere Pro and can't wait to continue with our ongoing examination of the software. Check out our South Bend video productions to see our stylistic editing.

Stay tuned next week for workflow and other ideas when working with Premiere Pro CS6 and color software.