Producing EM-Style: Vol. 1

In an effort to share some of the Explore Media methods, philosophy, and insight into what we consider to be the necessary Producing techniques needed for a great television commercial or video production, I'm going to be sharing a snippet every Friday from our "Producing Explore Media-Style" manual.  Here's the first part, feel free to comment or re-post, but credit should be given to Explore Media for the content, which is copyrighted.

PHILOSOPHYSo what exactly is our philosophy for producing at Explore Media?  Each project is different, every story is unique, and all of our clients merit our respect.  If we truly believe those words, then how can we not feel creatively compelled to tell their stories?  Some ideas that emote this further: Creative. Caring. Complete.  You will see this on our internal project management software, and this philosophy really says it all in 3 words.  What does each word mean to you in the context of video production for our clients? Your Path.  Your Story.  Our first tagline was “Your Vision. Your Story.” and in 2006 we changed it to this current slogan.  Every organization has a story with a beginning, a place they are now, and a desire for who they will be in the future: just like a road!  We want to communicate our custom approach to our clients’ unique stories. Video. Designed.  More words separated by periods!  Don’t worry, this isn’t William Shatner talking, it’s just what we believe...we don’t just produce videos, because the word “production” can imply a cookie-cutter manufacturing process.  Instead, we listen to our client’s story and marketing vision; we think about the feelings & needs of their target market; we take into account our client’s desired results; and we design a custom video which communicates their message exactly. Every time. We know. Another period. But you LOVE it!