An obscure nod to a beloved 80's fairy tale film, I know, but if you know what the term R.O.U.S. means, then you will be really, really scared that they actually exist...in China...where men apparently have no problem holding them in their hands.  If you don't know what all this blather means, just click here!

If this picture hasn't never made you again want to peruse the pages of the Explore Media blog, (a double negative, I know, but this one actually works, read it again!) then perhaps you will decide to find out who this boutique Elkhart, Indiana video production company is, or just what "video design" actually means, or maybe you'll watch our videos, join our Facebook fan page, or share our work in HD on YouTube.  If you're a part of an organization who wants to go with a company who will provide custom video designs for your needs, then contact us today!  Serving the South Bend video production, Goshen, Warsaw, Fort Wayne, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and the greater Chicago video production markets.

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