Super Bowl Ad-strategy Spawns "New Media Water-Cooler"

Remember the days when you used to watch the Super Bowl in real-time with your family and friends, then you'd discuss which advertisements you loved during the game, and hopefully you'd see your favorite Super Bowl ad again in the second half to reinforce your memory.  The next day you'd go to work and sit around the water cooler rehashing your favorite Super Bowl TV commercial. Welcome to 2011 baby, now television advertisers are using the Super Bowl :30 or 60-second commercial as the middle-course in a 3-course brand dinner.  As USA Today reports in this article, "Now, it's all about using social media before the Big Game to build brand buzz and attract viewers to watch a Super Bowl commercial, then using that spot to redirect viewers back to social media to talk about the brand and the message."

Social Media has given major brands the ability to get ultra-creative in building buzz for their Super Bowl TV ads, then the commercials hit and attempt to send viewers back to popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to interact, discuss, and win prizes.  The "new media water cooler" gets you cool swag (and reportedly prizes like a trip to Rio de Janeiro or a workout with Kim Kardashian.) The old water cooler just gets you...water.  I'm a bit of a health nut so I don't drink soda or sugary juice either, but I'd still choose the new water cooler everytime folks.

This year, for the first time in 3 years, Explore Media does not have a new Super Bowl Television Commercial debuting for our University video production, healthcare video production, or credit union video production clients.  Sooooo, we have been drinking much more water lately from OUR water cooler (four jug refills this week alone, thanks Hawkins Water Tech!), building up our bodies to bring you premium, creative television commercials.

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