Much like Julie Andrews sings about her favorite things in the recently re-crowned Titan of movie musicals, "The Sound of Music", I find myself thinking of all the things I'm thankful for on the day before Thanksgiving.  The sun rising over the trees, the giggles of children, the gift of health and life...and when I think of our work at Explore Media, I think of our awesome employees and the time they put in to create, to care, and to complete videos for our clients.  I also think of our clients, who we are so thankful for increasingly interesting storytelling opportunities.  I thank you for going with the little company that believes in big things, and might sacrifice status quo, protocol, and cookie-cutter processes in order to create custom videos.

I'm thankful for the photographer's eye and a world where we can look at images like these.

I'm thankful for all the health care video production opportunities we've had the past year through our ad agency, hospital, and corporate clients.

This Thanksgiving, rediscover the important things in life.  Give a friend, loved one, or stranger in need a hug.  Have a great holiday.

-The Explore Media Team

InsightsJustin Zimmerman