The Artisan Way

At Explore Media We’re creators


And purveyors of fine artisan TV Ads, Branded Videos, and Motion Graphic Communications.

Like a fine wine or a favorite piece of handmade furniture, viewers will notice, will care, and will respond to a custom Explore Media Production.

We’re steeped in creativity. We’re crafters of beautiful images. And we take care of all the details so you can rest-easy knowing you’re working with professionals … who care.

Most video production companies are based on a technical model. The owner is also the “videographer.” Maybe they splurge on a producer to help with the shoot. Next the videographer switches hats to become editor and chief creative in post-production.

This model is technically able to capture video & audio, but why isn’t the target market super-engaged by the resulting video?

And why did you have to work so hard when you’re investing so much money?

Where’s the extra “umami” component of the production you’re tasked with marketing?

Our model’s a little different.

And is proven in every other commercial advertising market.

We have the knowledge and experience to collaborate with you on the big picture. you’re working with a team of professionals who, simply put, “get it.”

Our award-winning directors have the out-of-market experience to achieve creative shots and capture poignant talent performances everytime. Even when your creative calls for “real people.”

This idea involves more than just beautiful moving pictures. Our films are hand-crafted. A Director is an expert at storyboarding fluid movement and pre-planning the moments you notice and remember in top-notch productions.

If the creative calls for on-camera talent to tell a narrative story, rest easy. We use the best casting agents & services to personally find talent who fit your video or commercial advertising campaign.

A Director is experienced at pulling the extra emotion from a seemingly ambiguous scene.

At Explore Media, your personal relationship manager will walk beside you through the project from beginning to end, working on your behalf so the little creative details you notice in large productions always come through.

A production coordinator will handle all the telephone calls and scheduling logistics, arrange feeding and parking everyone during the shoot, so you have time to focus on what’s important. Your message.

During the edit, we search for custom narrators to become the voice of your organization.

Finding custom music or composers, combined with sound design, give your picture dimension & depth. And our expert color-correction & motion graphics team adds the extra fine touch to bring your project past the “local production” feel – giving you a seat at the table with any other organization in the country.

Deliver branded content that fits your needs, tells your story, and in a way that will influence your viewers to pause, take note, and respond.

Now that you see all the extra care and artisan touches that go into an Explore Media production, for a comparable price as our competitors, why wouldn’t you let Explore Media hand-craft your video?

Your Path.

Your Story.

Explore Media

Jeremy Pinckert is a Director of Brand Films and Commercials.  His work for Production Company Explore Media has won Tellys, Best in Show ADDYs, and an Emmy Award.  To discuss commercial advertising projects he is represented by Chicago-based Bow + Arrow Films.  You can follow him on Twitter @jeremypinckert,  LinkedIN, and see his commercial portfolio reel.