The Future Of Hard Drive Tech

At a time when cloud storage is all the rage, there are some of us (specifically in video production) who still prefer physical medium for backup.  It’s not that the idea of a cloud isn’t good enough, it’s the speed and size of the cloud that puts a yawn on our face.  The future of hard drive storage is on it’s way with atomic-scale antiferromagnets and heat based writing systems.  Not only will we be able to store 1 bit of data with 12 atoms, the write speed will be in the terabyte-per-second range;  and with video like 4K getting larger and larger this is a good thing! Storage is how videos get done and Explore Media uses the latest in HDD technology in producing award winning videos.  Our South Bend Video Production(s) show how corporate video, web video, and  Business video production gets done.