For most of Explore Media's clients and prospective customers, they know their stories well, but the process in which we can help tell those stories emotionally and effectively is a mystery.  We are a video production company located in Elkhart, is your information guide to the process: 


Pre-production can commence upon the agreement of a contract.  During pre-production we schedule the shoot days, plan the exact direction you would like the piece to head, and nail-down the particular look and feel of the feature.


In the production phase, we conduct shoot days where our camera crew and producers are on-site gathering all the material needed for the program.  We will extensively plan out the days so that we can gather the necessary interviews, processes, and scenic shots (b-roll).


We’ll enter the post-production phase by sending the interviews out for transcription, and then writing a complete script.  Upon script approval, we’ll start the editing process, where we weave narration and footage together into a cohesive story.  This process takes the longest amount of time, usually 2-3 weeks.  Next, we’ll send a rough draft online for revision, make the necessary changes, and then send the 2nd rough draft physically on DVD for your approval.  Upon final approval, the program will be either mastered to tape or compressed into DVD and/or web video formats, giving you the option of putting the video virtually anywhere people view media, including the internet, ipods, cell phones, televisions, and trade shows.

At Explore Media's Elkhart, Indiana video production studio, we can produce the cutting-edge video content you need to stay competitive in today's busy marketplace.  Click here to see examples of video production we've produced for broadcast networks, businesses, schools, universities, health networks, and non-profits.  Explore Media produces video content for organizations locally, including South Bend, Warsaw, Goshen, Elkhart, and Ft. Wayne, Indiana; as well as the greater Chicago and Indianapolis areas.  And we're even producing content for organizations in other regions of the country; stay tuned to see our newest project we're currently working on in post-production for a foundation out of the Atlanta, Georgia area.  You can reach us between 8 and 5:00 EST Monday through Friday at 574.875.5565 or send an email at: to discuss your current or future needs, or just to ask us how this whole video process works.  You can also click here to see a video on our YouTube profile, and we're even on MySpace if you were even beginning to wonder if we can back up our claim to being "hip"!!!

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