Think Big: Collaborate with Competition

The old adage, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em", was something I always associated with old Westerns, not business, and especially not in the uber-secretive-competitive world of creative businesses.  The only constant is change (in keeping with the adages), read this article about "Gravity Six," a group of smaller agencies from Grand Rapids who've joined together to battle, and win, versus the big city stalwarts.

Explore Media is a full-service video production and video editing company based between Detroit and Chicago, in the heart of the Midwest.  We were founded with the same philosophy as Gravity Six; if we don't do it well in-house, we use our friends and collaborators to partner and provide our clients with something creatively stunning, but all under the Explore Media banner.  We don't do web, print, graphic design, PR, or programming...we simply design videos. And we'd love to partner on your next project.  See our work here!

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