Tricking the Carnival Claw Game

I was shocked the first time I won the claw game -- the type where you maneuver the mechanical claw above the unsuspecting stuffed animals, the claw goes down, grabs it...then goes limp as it fails to lift the animal out. Imagine my surprise when I won not one but two care bears that night, and on top of that my friend even pointed out which one to grab.

Well now you don't have to win by just dumb luck!  Apparently it's rigged so that every x number of times, the claw is set to deliver a solid grab (as long as you set a good position of course) -- you just need to figure out what that x number of times is.  Stake out with your steak out, and hope it's a popular machine:


Here at Explore Media, we've done the number crunching and research to know when to strike, so when you play with us you'll be sure to win a big stuffed bear, or at least an awesome video of a big stuffed bear.

InsightsJustin Zimmerman