TV Ads vs. Web Video

As brand story marketers, you're probably in a unique situation given the ever-expanding online video market. Should you market on TV only?  If you choose to also advertise online, should you use re-purposed television commercials or produce new web video content? Luckily for all of us don't breathe numbers, there are researchers and statistics experts who have already asked the TV Ads vs. Web Video question, and received some pretty interesting results.  Here's a ReelSEO article on how "repurposed" TV ads perform vs. fresh web video content for brand awareness.

This quote from the original Adweek article on this subject shows the conclusion that both "Repurposed" TV commercials and original Web video are effective, but each in their own unique manner:  "Its research shows that the different types of video content affect viewers differently. Repurposed TV, for instance, is more effective after four exposures, while original Web video impacts persuasion the most on the first showing. Dynamic Logic also found that repurposed TV ads work best in stream, which is an environment much like TV, while custom performs better inside display ad units."

So in short, if you're going for the most bang for your buck and want to also use your TV ad campaign repurposed for the web, you can get results if you pay for repetition.  If you know your audience and have a targeted approach in marketing video towards them online, then original Web video production may be your best bet.

Of course, as viewers flock in bigger numbers to online and mobile for their content viewing, the question five years from now just may be, "Will repurposed web video content work on television?"

Explore Media is a web video production company who also happens to direct some pretty cool TV ad campaigns.  To see the proof in the pudding, watch our portfolio!



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