Want to be Creative?

Then be creative, darn it, because the future will pay you for your right-brain!  I just finished the Daniel Pink's acclaimed, "A Whole New Mind", and let me tell you, as someone who is probably a bit more right than left-brained, this book speaks to the soul of my creative being.  I can't imagine how big of a relief this read will be to ACTUAL creatives.

The basic premise: your mother and father might have told you to be a lawyer, an accountant, or a computer programmer.  But Mom and Dad were wrong.  Those jobs are "Informational" in nature, and easily replicated & shipped off to India or China.  The jobs which require Creativity, Empathy, and Meaning...these are the right-brained jobs of the future, and the US will again lead the charge if we're willing to let go of our Information Age binds.

Something I always argue for, and strive to achieve in my personal life, is a sense of balance.  After reading Pink's book, I couldn't help but temper his argument and my enthusiasm with a little bit of logic: the right-brained jobs might be on the rise, but those who can navigate both left and right-brained worlds will be the leaders of the future.  Those with balance, and perhaps the ability to be creative and strategic at the same time.  This idea serves as a great metaphor for Explore Media's philosophy in our video productions:  we produce smart, creative, and compelling video editing, videography, motion graphic, and digital video productions...but we most of all want our videos to work.  They're not so out in right-field that the viewer doesn't make the connection, and they're not ever mediocre, boring, or un-inspired like the boardroom corporate execs like them.  Do I hear a slogan here?  How about Explore Media, the Corpus Callosum to your organization's video needs!

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