We are a video design house located in Northern Indiana, and our main focus is to help marketing directors communicate a specific message, concept, or brand through video.  You might need a 30-second television commercial, or maybe a promotional story on DVD to send out to potential clients, or maybe you need to recruit new people and want to do some short, cutting-edge videos to put on a YouTube site...whichever your need, Explore Media has the creative solution to help make your ideas come to life.  Video.Designed. 

At Explore Media, the difference is in the message.  It's all in the writing and project direction, and Explore Media is a video design company based out of Elkhart, Indiana who specializes in video production with a message.  We call it video design because of our unique process:  we take your story and your suggestions, we look at your target audience and your desired effect, and we design a video which fits your needs exactly.  And your target audience? They come away thoroughly informed, entertained, and impressed; and when they're finished watching...they Explore.  Explore Media can produce the cutting-edge video content you need to stay competitive in today's busy marketplace.  We are near South Bend, northwest Indiana and the greater Chicago area, and the Southwestern Michigan border.  You can click here to see our latest work on our YouTube profile.  You can also click for examples of video production we've produced for broadcast networks, business marketing and promotion, schools, universities, health networks, and non-profits.

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