Welcome to the new Explore Media website!

We want to invite you to explore the videos on the new Explore Media website.  We're not sure if anyone really knows what a "blog" is, but we are trying it out!  Explore Media is based out of Elkhart, Indiana, and provides storytelling and video production for businesses, organizations, and network affiliates.  The Indiana video production community is small, but talented, and we are linked up with most of the shooters, editors, and production houses in Ft. Wayne, Indianapolis, South Bend, and Chicago.  Let us know how we can help tell your story on video!  Our clients are using video on the web, on DVD, and in television commercials...if there's anyone out there who is really adventurous, let's tell your story and make it available on itunes for video ipod users!

Quote of the day, "The way I see it, we're actors, but musical ones...we're doing it with notes, and lyrics with notes, telling a story.  I can take an audience and get 'em into a frenzy so they'll almost riot, and yet I can sit there so you can almost hear a pin drop."     -Ray Charles

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