We're Building a New Website

Have you ever put together a new website, completely from scratch?  Here's our current explore media website, but stay-tuned for the unveil of the new one!  See the last time we unveiled a new website here! If you have put together a new website, let's commiserate, because from my perspective the process is stimulating, invigorating, and thoroughly exhausting.  If you don't set rules for yourself, or decide on a specific style, you can get stuck in a mode where every new website you see influences your decisions, but a collage of ten really great styles doesn't make for an effective website.  We literally researched dozens of video production companies, websites of professional directors and producers, and the best digital editing houses.

What we found is while the basics of the information we want to get across are very similar across the board (Who We Are, What We've Done, How To Contact Us), the creative styles and web communication strategies are very unique to the specific provider of promotional videos, product videos, TV ads, brand storytelling and corporate video projects.  How should we market our digital HD video production company?  Send us a note after looking at the explore media video production website and let us know!

We're a South Bend Media Production Company located convenient to Chicago and Indianapolis.