What Brand Are You?

Can your favorite brands determine your emotional intelligence (EQ)? As a producer of corporate brand videos and videos for business, my experience--combined with my personal purchase history--suggests your choice of brand is always, and ultimately, emotional.  Catchy, reserved, flashy, smart, traditional, luxury, indie, nerdy, hip, retro, futuristic -- every brand has an identity, and every person who buys that brand identifies with their story.  Try the fashion quiz What Brand Are You?, or read a great blogpost about personal branding here. I grew up in northern Indiana...and now am part of Explore Media, a South Bend video production company located outside Chicago and focused on brand storytelling for businesses.

Besides the University of Notre Dame, a core-brand identified with South Bend is the Studebaker, a popular car brand from the late 1800's to the mid 1900's.  To get a sense of just how emotional a brand decision can be, read my Studebakers in the Blood blogpost, written after my grandfather passed a few years back.  And if you're a marketing director, ad agency, or communications professional looking for a collaborative video production company, contact Explore Media here!