When Humor Works in Video

httpvh://youtu.be/xDa2hHIOnZE Does humor work well in advertising to promote your brand?  Specifically, does humor work in online videos or TV ads?

This guide from Inc. Magazine can help you consider the options, but only if you're willing to be honest about yourself and your brand.  The reason we don't use humor at Explore Media when scriptwriting videos for most of our clients is not too surprising:  our clients can't afford for humor NOT to work.  In our experience you need to consider several factors to use humor effectively:

  • You must have a brand, product, or service that people are OK joking about.  Nobody wants to joke about their finances, their education, or their health.
  • You need to have a great joke.  Humor can bring positive feelings a consumer can associate with your brand.  But just an alright joke, or a bad joke?  You risk giving an unforgiving consumer negative feelings towards your product, it's "either - or" with humor!
  • You need to have the budget to pull off the joke.  As you can see with Aziz in the American Express commercial (and why they chose actors like Seinfeld before him), you must have the talent who has the chops to act the joke out; the director who can guide the acting, camera, and pacing to portray the joke effectively; and a client willing to let the professionals get loose with their brand.

As an Indiana video production company, we're pragmatic brand storytellers who produce professional marketing videos & TV ads for universities, financial services organizations, health care networks, and brands who want to promote their unique stories.  Even though humor wouldn't work for a client like Notre Dame when producing a promotional university video to inform potential students or donors about a particular collegiate program, there are many other brand storytelling strategies Explore Media uses to help your organization market effectively.  Take a look at our university video production examples here!  We're a South Bend Media Production Company located convenient to Chicago and Indianapolis.