Love My Martins


Any business with 70 years of successfully serving a community is going to have stories.  Stories of traditions, stories of longevity, stories of relationships built over years of shared experiences, stories that build a foundation that over time can be called, “love.”

These stories are what become part of a brand’s identity, and in turn, how brands help form, and become the fabric, of their communities. Martin’s Super Markets is no exception, a brand with a goldmine of these stories, just waiting to be told.

For this “Love My Martins” campaign, the beauty in the concept is the focused creative.  Using REAL people with REAL stories.  Setting them in the place they are talking about: A Martin’s Store.  And being able to use their answers -- not only for these :30 television ads, but also in longer digital ads on the web, in social media posts, and in various inspiration events for Martins’ staff.  Here’s how we’d approach the “Love My Martins” campaign:




Using real people can be intimidating for marketers, but there’s nothing like the payoff:  real, authentic, heartfelt, emotional lines from some of your biggest proponents is a goldmine for advertising.  Explore Media has the experience both on set with real people, and in post-production editing their authentic lines into stories, to make you feel at ease.  We’ve interviewed thousands of real people for projects varying from national brand spots to Emmy-winning television programs to award-winning digital commercials. We have so much experience working with getting real people to deliver on camera, especially in areas like a grocery store, that we even wrote an article about how to do it!


Having one or two Martins’ stores interiors as the background behind each person talking makes logical sense.  Martins is a destination; customers go inside the store to experience the stories they are referencing.  The backgrounds are beautiful, colorful, and varied enough to give the videos a sense of diversity.  We have shot real people talking to camera in emergency rooms (while emergencies were in process), in lobbies of large businesses with retail customers, and in public areas.  Our sound experts take any outside noise away, and we have the chops to direct & help the talent to feel comfortable and be themselves on camera.  What better place for a customer to feel natural, not a cold studio with intimidating lights -  but instead at a Martin’s Super Market store! 



Campaigns like “Love My Martins” always deliver on poignant stories for :30 television ads, but the great thing about this style of creative is they inevitably have more stories you can use in longer digital ads, in social media posts, and for other Martins objectives.  The initial investment is then spread out and easily proved a bargain for the many uses that arise.



In thinking of this project, your timing couldn’t be more perfect. April through May is an ideal time to schedule and perform shoot days with real customers.  Most people are around before summer homes, camps, events, and summer vacations make people harder to pin down.  Also, schedules are fairly open in April-May, compared to the Fall/Winter season September – December.  Finally, coming off the Easter holiday, many customers have grocery & large family cooking experiences fresh in their minds, just waiting for the right opportunity to tell their stories.

We’d expect this project to take one to two weeks of lead-time, with two to three weeks of post-production before delivery.  Shooting in April means delivery in late April / early May.  Shooting in May means delivery by late May or early June.


We’d love to collaborate with the Martins team on the “Love My Martins” project, and welcome any further questions