Martin's Super Markets 

"Groceries to go" :30 broadcast + digital

Thank you for the opportunity to quote on a new production for the successful and expanding Groceries to Go program.  Our unique experience producing national ads for food delivery programs, our history of producing the successful "Fresh" and "Wild" lifestyle commercials for Martin's, and our focus on creating commercials which aren't just informative, but also stimulate viewers to remember and respond to the message, give this latest collaboration a high probability of success.

We've thought about different approaches for this commercial and want to propose two distinct options. In the proposal below we've put together some visual examples which fit some aesthetics and also some budget number ranges for each.

market challenge

The grocery delivery segment is seeing incredible recent growth.  While national services like Instacart, Shipt and Amazon have competed for market share, the additions of Walmart, Target and regional grocer Meijer haven't just increased competition in the grocery delivery segment, they've made the need for Martin's to offer a competing service a necessity.  With the recent addition of Elkhart County to the Martin's Groceries to Go geographic radius, the time is now to not just inform, but truly advertise what has been until now a little-known option. 

storytelling options

Martin's shoppers are loyal, and they think of you as "more than a grocery store."  Producing and broadcasting a process-oriented commercial alone isn't enough to keep them from leaving for another grocery store for more convenience.  Your competition are regional and national retailers who have brand recognition and a perceived standard of quality in the services they provide. We need to persuade and stimulate viewers who see this commercial.  We want viewers to feel the Martin's program not only matches the competition in delivery quality, but also exceeds the competition by guaranteeing the Martin's level of service to their online delivery shopping services.

After reviewing several different narrative styles for this new commercial, we feel you can take two different approaches. 



Taking a cue from simple, practical commercial storytelling, this approach shows the process of home delivery with Martin's.  Starting with a Martin's store employee shopping to showing a delivery driver unloading a car to showing a family unpacking groceries at home.

Inform the viewer of the process involved in the Groceries-to-Go program. Give essential details and educate consumer.

Martin's employee, Car Driver Actor, Family or Multiple Families Actors

Friendly, informative voiceover explaining the nuts and bolts of the process.

1/2 Day in store
1/2 Day driving
1 Day Home/Office

Amazon Fresh commercial here.


APPROACH two: "the important things in life"

This approach takes a more thematic narrative approach for commercial storytelling.  We show at least 2 different family units and potentially a person at an office who all benefit from saving time grocery shopping using Martin's Groceries to Go, leaving a focus for the important things in life.  Showing quick cutaways of online ordering and delivery gives the viewer an idea of how easy the process is, and the majority of time and the real appeal is spent showing different types of families spending time together around eating activities at home.  

Advertise Martin's Groceries to Go service vs. national & regional competition, ultimately driving viewers to

Family Actors, Potential Office Workers (shot in home to look like office)

Empathetic, knowing female who uses emotion to persuade viewers Martin's Groceries to Go is the best combination of convenience and service quality, giving families more time spending time doing what they want to do.

1 Day Home

We produced a spot for Home Chef that uses lifestyle families and delivery to the door, we also produced a spot for Groupon to Go that starts out conceptually but finishes with the idea of people enjoying food together.  Hello Fresh Australia and Blue Apron both have commercials that feature different family units.


Budget considerations

Each approach has different attributes which contribute to budget.  Approach One features more days of shooting but can save on some crew size.  Approach Two features less days of shooting but likely more on talent.  If you decide on an approach we can drill in and get very specific with the numbers, however for generalization purposes here is a rough idea:

Approach One - similar to Love My Martin's budgets but will need to add talent.  $60-75K plus talent.  Reducing shoot days would decrease this number quite a bit.

Approach Two - similar to the "Fresh" and "Wild" spots produced a few years ago. $55-70K plus talent & location.

Additional days of shooting would increase either number.


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