A Case Study on Producing a TV Spot Featuring Action In a Single Shot

The boards for a recent project called for most of the spot to be captured in one-take, with the "hero" an inanimate glass of iced-tea. In an advertising climate wild about the montage approach, the creative in the storyboards & brief was simple, yet effective, and most of all, refreshing. Here are five essential areas that helped us achieve the creative for what was, save the final two shots, a single-take commercial ad!

A Case Study On Shooting Winter For Summer In 10 Degree Weather

What do you do when your advertising agency clients call with beautiful exterior boards, but with no budget to shoot in a warmer climate, and the calendar rudely screams "December?" At Explore Media, we say "of course!" and our directors huddle with the art and camera departments to "Make Things Happen!"

A Case Study On Producing Visual FX In A Pinch 

In our little corner of the advertising universe; where somehow we're inexplicably paid to tell stories, hang out with awesome creative collaborators on set, and make visual magic in front of souped-up post-production computers; things rarely go as smoothly as we would prefer. These are the realities of the video production process when creating commercial advertising campaigns for agencies and brands.

A Case Study On Producing TV Advertisements For Martins Supermarkets

Shooting actual locations for food & beverage commercials where farmers raise meat usually involves so much red tape that in the end the opportunities to shoot real scenic footage are limited.  There is so much scrutiny in the meat & produce industry regarding protocol and food safety. his campaign for Martin's Supermarket had these challenges and a clear directive: help a large regional grocer communicate how much care they put into stocking the freshest, local produce and sourcing the most extensive wild, free-range meat selections.  

A Case Study On Achieving Ironic Humor In Beverage Commercials

Producing television ads in the alcoholic beverage commercial category can be one of the most competitive projects we undertake as video production professionals.  Just think of the iconic commercials from the past decade alone: Clydesdales, Dogs, Entire Towns Made of Beer Cans, A Man's Man & the Champagne of Beers....we can remember the brands and spots without even hearing a concept or seeing a visual.

A Case Study On Producing Advertisements For Jayco RV

Jayco is an Indiana based manufacturer that builds high-quality RVs. They came to our production company with the following directive: How can we make footage of our RV Autos look different than years past? With a limited production schedule we knew we needed a solution!  In order to capture unique and creative storytelling footage, we decided to mix in a drone along with the ground-level angles to make these automotive advertisements more dynamic, more visually interesting, and more effective for our client.

A Case Study In Filming Non-Professional Actors For Video & TV Spots

We all want to work on films and commercials where we have the budget and the creative that allows for casting calls, talent agents and professional actors to deliver inspired performances. But in reality many creative concepts these days call for "real talent," another way of saying using real people vs. professional actors.  After years of experience working with and without professional actors as talent, I have found that despite having non-pros as actors, you can still evoke great performances in advertisements or brand films.  In fact, when a good directing job is achieved, you may find the real-person performance is the most authentic, from-the-heart acting on camera.

A Case Study In Producing Collegiate Brand Films With A Unique Message

The landscape has changed drastically since the days of Rockne, Rudy, and a men's-only-university. Now, Notre Dame is a diverse, vibrant mix of top undergrad students and the brightest graduate researchers at this US News and World Report's #16-ranked academic institution. 

We were asked to visually tell the stories of three of Notre Dame's average students with only this starting mantra, "My name's Jackson, and this is MY Notre Dame"  Notre Dame and the target market for this campaign identified, and were moved by the results.  Enjoy watching this series.

A Case Study On 1st Advantage Federal Credit Union Project

1st Advantage is a Newport News, Virginia-based credit union who needed to communicate how easy their mortgage services can be. They loved our previous work for our friends at Interra Credit Union and wanted to capture that same, easygoing national TV Ad feel for their commercials.  We worked on two spots in this credit union tv campaign:  "Her Way" seen above, and "Perfect Fit" which you can see elsewhere on our channel.  Overall a minimal concept, beautiful images, and awesome performances are leaving 1st Advantage very excited with these video production commercials!